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    • Open Section for students working on their own, without being enrolled in a class that requires Newsroom 101.

Spring 2022 Sections

Newsroom 101 for Professionals

This section gives media professionals full access to Newsroom 101 for a review of the basics of AP style and drills in how to avoid the most common errors in grammar. The fee is $49.95 for an enrollment period of one year.

 Newsroom 101 Open Section

For students who are NOT enrolled in a course that requires Newsroom 101, but who want to pay $29.95 and work on their own. Your enrollment will be good for 120 days.

To enroll in this section (for students working on their own, outside of any course), CONTACT US, and we will send you the link.

Please use the Contact form in the menu above.

Newsroom 101 Tryout for Faculty

Professors, to try Newsroom 101 for two weeks, go to the Professors menu above and choose Try It. After you are enrolled and have a password, use the following link to log in.